Our founder-focused approach provides peace of mind

How Hive Hatch Works

We're your dedicated operations team, providing hands-on, real human business support. We clean up your data, streamline your workflows, and provide insights that allow you to make strategic decisions. 

We get you organized in 2 weeks

We get to know you and your startup. You get to meet with your dedicated team. Together you'll discuss the state of your business, and understand the tools you use and the processes you have in place already.
We get you organized
We design, connect and implement a refined business operations stack based on your current position. 
We turn on your supercharged business operations engine
Our dedicated operations team provides hands-on, real human support, streamlining workflows providing you valuable insights that connect to our Structure Portal.
Our Structure Portal
It's the link to your dedicated operations team and provides a single source of truth, keeping your finger on the pulse. 
Your daily view
Keeping you in the now, so you're making the best decisions daily. 
Route any operational requests
Whether you have a question, need to make a change, or need to tell us something – we make it easy, right at your finger tips.
Notifications that actually matter
We only notify you about things that matter (bank balance, important people alerts, runway, duplicate software, etc). 100% customizable.
Structure Portal
Upload receipts & secure docs
Upload all your stuff and we'll keep it safe, organized, and easily accessible. Automatic receipt matching and file organization. Just drop and go.
Data storage vault
Get quick access to things you need (bank details, entity details, financial reports). 
We stay on top of your business, always
We're focused on operating your business daily, weekly, monthly and onward. You have consistent access to us and your data. 
Daily Support
  • Access to your dedicated team
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Finance/Accounting services
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Payroll & employee benefits
  • Real-time Insights 

+ more

Weekly Support
  • Weekly View report
  • Accounts payable approvals
  • People management
  • Financial modeling
  • Updates & recommendations

+ more

Monthly Support
  • Monthly View report
  • Budget sync, ensure accurate runway
  • Monthly Check-In, 100% alignment across team

+ more


Quarterly trends and insights to move forward faster, with more accuracy. Close out the year with accurate books ready for tax time and count on us to support you through tax season.

We're your sounding board
Your go to for answers, your trusted partner bringing you peace of mind
CEO mentorship & support
Sense of relief by keeping your finger on the pulse of your business
Accurate data for fundraising with confidence & killer investor updates
Daily cashflow and runway visibility
Hiring plans
Accurate customer acquisition
Forecast modeling
Pricing discussions
Product scalability
Go to market strategy support
R&D tax credits
+ a whole lot more!