Your dedicated
operations team
Providing hands-on, real human business support so you can make strategic decisions.
Hive Hatch Flywheel
"I can’t live without Hive Hatch. They've taken so many distractions off my plate."
Emilio Di Marco, Founder & CEO, Aument
We supercharge your business, partnering with the best
Founder Support & Visibility Day One
Our team delivers and runs your business operations, implementing best-in-class workflows, delivering key metrics and insights, helping you stay focused on what you were trusted to do - build product.
Operations Foundation
CEO support day one

We provide seamless visibility into the operational metrics of your startup.

  • Up-to-date bookkeeping / Accounts payable
  • Accounting support
  • People ops, payroll, and compliance support
  • Correct runway and cash on hand
  • Accurate financials for you and investors
  • Operational meeting / planning cadence
Proactive Planning
Drive decisions with accurate data

Organizing operational data is critical for making informed business decisions.

  • Build investor trust with accurate updates
  • Raise with confidence (when & how much)
  • Hire, scale and/or optimize at the right time
  • Financial awareness of a later stage startup
  • Regular financial planning / forecasting
Audrey Fernandez-Elliott
Founder & CSO, Komplyd
They really dig into business operations and financial reporting and help with not only best in class recommendations but are also hands on with implementation and automation. I recommend them to all new founders.
Tomás Uribe
Founder & CEO, Mavity
The high-calibre collaboration we have with this team is refreshing. They deeply understand founder pain points and have refined an operations solution that gives founders a truly competitive advantage. Having the business data organized, synced, and packaged in one portal is a game-changer!
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