We enable founders to spend more time on |
We join your team to guide & scale your financial & business operations giving you time back to build unique value for customers and investors.
We partner as a COO, guiding founders forward

Proven Technology

A stack that scales

We adopt an extensible operations stack to support key operational pillars to scale as you grow.

  • Secure & flexible integrations
  • Proven operational workflows and efficiencies
  • Single source of truth
  • Maintain ownership of all your stack
Operations Foundation
Founder support day one
We provide seamless visibility into the operational metrics of your startup.

  • Up-to-date bookkeeping / Accounts payable
  • Accounting support
  • People ops, payroll, and compliance support
  • Correct runway and cash on hand
  • Accurate financials for you and investors
  • Operational meeting / planning cadence
Proactive Planning
Drive decisions with accurate data
Organizing operational data is critical for making informed business decisions.

  • Build investor trust with accurate updates
  • Raise with confidence (when & how much)
  • Hire, scale and/or optimize at the right time
  • Financial awareness of a later stage startup
  • Regular financial planning / forecasting
A game changer for an early stage startup like us. It’s like having a COO, and I can focus on building our product.
Emilio Di Marco
Founder & CEO, Aument
We’ve founded several startups and know where you should spend your time.
Your time is priceless
Don't spend valuable time in the operational trenches!
We're founders too
Been there, learned that. We'll help you prioritize your time.
Working together for 10+ years, many of us are investors too.
Just because you may know how to perform the operational side of your start up, doesn’t mean you should spend valuable time in the operational trenches! We enjoy helping founders leverage what we’ve learned! Struggling to connect the operational dots is not one of them! Our founders have spent the last 10 + years of their careers building a single startup, while helping others succeed.

Most of our team has been working together for 10+ years across multiple companies. Many of us are investors too (mostly pre/seed), and we have an active investment portfolio with dozens of companies. We know founder pain points and understand what investors need.

Our founders were co-founder/execs @ SendGrid (1st Techstars Unicorn, IPO 2017/ Acquired 2018 for ~ 3B) and also executives @ Techstars.